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Nyborg Castle


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Slotsgade 34, 5800 Nyborg

Nyborg Castle


Nyborg Castle is currently undergoing extensive restoration and expansion. In 2023, the Castle will reopen as a recreated ring castle and offer a multitude of options. Inside the castle, the halls will be beautifully restored. Fascinating new exhibitions will bring history to life, making it meaningful and accessible to visitors. Click on the link below to follow the progress of the Castle Project.

Nyborg Castle, while we are waiting

Nyborg Castle

Nyborg Castle – in the heart of the Kingdom of Denmark

Nyborg Castle is more than 800 years old. The Castle was built with a curtain wall in or around 1200, within Nyborg Fjord, but centrally located on the shore of the Great Belt in the heart of the kingdom of Denmark. For more than two centuries Nyborg Castle served as the meeting place for Danehoffet, Denmark’s medieval parliament. In other words, Nyborg Castle was the Christiansborg of the Middle Ages. During the 16th century, Nyborg Castle and town were expanded and became Denmark’s first capital.  For more than 400 years, Nyborg Castle played a central role vis-à-vis the Crown. The importance of Nyborg Castle to the history of Denmark is indisputable. Today, you can walk around the historic rooms, in which kings and queens made crucial decisions that shaped the Denmark we know today.

Danehof in Nyborg

Every year, Nyborg Municipality and Museums of Eastern Funen recreate a 600-year-old historical tradition, which would otherwise have been forgotten.

Festivals at Nyborg Castle

Nyborg Castle plays an active role in a wide range of events and activities in Nyborg. The Castle is the main focal point, both for July’s Danehof and for Christmas in the Ancient Royal Town in December. During these festivals, the medieval atmosphere radiates from the castle and fills the entire town. Other regular annual festivals include Reformation Day in the autumn and ‘Nyborg Welcomes the Summer’ in May.

Nyborg Slot

A living castle

At Nyborg Castle, we are indebted to the large number of volunteers who help bring the castle to life and make its history fascinating and accessible to visitors. It is volunteers whom we encounter in the Castle Pavilion and on the guided tours of the castle and town, who contribute to interpretation/public engagement activities and who make sure there are historical costumes available for events and exhibitions. We also know how much our visitors appreciate their efforts.

Visit the Mayor's Yard

Not far from Nyborg Castle is the beautiful old merchant’s house, the Mayor’s Yard. Its history dates back to the early 17th century. Today, the complex is a museum featuring living workshops and exhibitions. It is a great place to visit with the entire family.