Danehof in Nyborg

Every year, Nyborg Municipality and Museums of Eastern Funen recreate a 600-year-old historical tradition, which would otherwise have been forgotten.

On the first weekend in July, the whole of Nyborg buzzes with life and jollity, just as when the king and his men assembled here for the Danehof. There are a procession, competitions, stalls and food, and music and entertainment for both children and adults throughout the weekend.

In the space of just a few years, Nyborg’s Danehof has really hit the big time. It now fills the whole town: from the ramparts of Nyborg Castle through the historic town centre towards Nyborg Church and all the way down to Nyborg Harbour.

Danehof is an important part of the endeavours to bring to life the cultural heritage of Nyborg Castle and Nyborg. This major event make the entire historic town buzz with a staging of the town’s unique history, and everyone is invited to take part.

Historical tradition

The celebration of the Danehof in Nyborg is based on an 800-year-old tradition. From the mid-13th century, the Danish parliament would assemble at Nyborg Castle for what, from the 14th century, became known as the Danehof. Several important events took place at Nyborg’s Danehof: selecting heirs to the throne, adopting treaties, convicting the assassins of a king and so much more, which had an impact on the nature of Denmark today.

But the Danehof was not merely a serious affair. When the Danehof was in Nyborg, the town was rushed off its feet. All the most powerful men in the realm were now gathered here and needed to be accommodated, served and entertained.


The King’s Warriors


The King’s Warriors is a battle tournament and interpretation/public engagement project, which is part of the Danehof programme.

The activities for the King’s Warriors are  devised to provide both maximum excitement and challenge for the actors and a great experience for the audience. Big battles, the Medieval Obstacle Course, the Bow and Arrow Obstacle Course and the Archery Competition are all part of the King’s Warriors and there are more activities in the pipeline. For example, we aim to create movable obstacles and palisade walls, war machines, ramparts and other siege equipment that will enable the actors to try their hand at unique challenges and tactics during the battles.

The King’s Warriors is a voluntary activity, based purely on a desire to take part. Given that significant costs are involved for the tournament teams in terms of transport, insurance, equipment etc., participants can apply for a grant. The grant is based on the number of warriors and/or archers in the group.

See photos

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